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Although the Maritime Aboriginal Peoples Council, as a regional body, is not a large organization, we none the less have over thirty eight years of Aboriginal Peoples Issues Knowledge. MAPC itself, has a history which started in l979 with the collaborative arrangement for the research and production of “Our Land the Maritimes”, (the historic facts for a comprehensive land claims argument).

We welcome inquiries or comments about our work, or the traditional ancestral homelands Mi’kmaq/Malecite/Passamaquoddy/Aboriginal Peoples, the forgotten peoples, continuing on their traditional ancestral homelands.

Please call us at (902) 895-2982 or Toll Free: 1-855-858-7240 – or use the form below – if you have any general comments or questions. We respect your right to privacy and any contact details you provide will only be used to respond to your request for more information.

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